Kid & Family Yoga

Our family classes appeal to all ages and abilities. Starting with

Prenatal & Infant Yoga & Movement, our classes for new moms can foster a deeper mind-body connection through a time of tremendous change, all while bonding with their new bundles of joy!

Blue Lotus instructors specialize in the instruction of children of all ages. Kids will love experiencing yoga and learning about movement and their environment with parents and caregivers or in age-specific classes that foster their development from toddler to teen!

Some classes are listed as series to promote growth and a sense of community over 4-8 weeks!

Drop-ins for series are available for first visits  - email to purchase


Yoga Blossoms 

with Maryssa

Sunday, April 26

Tot Yoga (crawlers - 3yrs w. caregiver) 12:30 - 1:15p

Family Yoga (3 - 6yrs w. caregiver) 1:30 -2:15p


Celebrate the changing season and the longer days with Yoga Blossoms! 

Explore spring weather, animals and flowers through yoga & gardening with your little yogi. Class ends with a special savasana and spring flower for each child to take home.


Growing Together 

with Maryssa

Saturday, April 26

Grades 2 - 5 with caregiver

$40 / $35 early bird pricing through 4/12

Join us for a unique opportunity to promote family wellness. Bond with your little yogi as you explore yoga, movement & gardening together. Class ends with a special spring craft for each child to take home!


Prenatal Yoga

with Maryssa

4 Week Series - March 19 - April 9 

Thursdays  7 - 8pm


Prenatal yoga provides a supportive, sharing community around the beauty of pregnancy. Classes give you a chance to understand your body through a time of great change, fostering a strong, healthy and mindful journey from pregnancy to birth.


Infant Yoga & Movement

6wks - pre-crawlers with caregiver

Enjoy this time to connect with your baby in this peaceful and relaxing

class. Spend time with your little one learning relaxation techniques,

infant massage, gentle movement and song. This class is a wonderful

way to help facilitate body awareness and sensory stimulation, boost

baby’s immune system, aid in digestion and circulation and improve

sleep. Please bring a thick baby blanket to class.​

Tot Yoga 

Crawlers - 2yrs with caregiver

Tot yoga is a supportive, active, fun-filled class for crawling babies to 2 yr old toddlers and their parent/caregiver. This class is all about your new mover, promoting strength, flexibility and balance as your child increases in mobility and physical exploration of their surroundings. We will playfully practice yoga postures, move to music, sing, chant, breathe and relax.

Parent & Me Yoga

2 - 4yrs with caregiver

This class focuses on building a fun and intimate space for families to explore different ways of connecting. Explore emotional regulation and gross motor development for the toddlers while allowing parents to find a fun way of forming different bonds with their child. Classes will use yoga games, stories and music to build confidence while we let the children take the lead.​


Family Fun Yoga

4 - 6yrs with caregiver

This playful class combines breathing exercises, creative movement,

music, games, storytelling and relaxation, to create an enriching

parent/child experience. Classes encourage your child to build social

skills, maintain focus, and work on strength, coordination and balance.

Join us for a unique opportunity to promote family wellness. No yoga

experience necessary.​


Kids Yoga & Art

Grades 2 - 5 

Mondays 4:15 - 5:30pm

Great afterschool activity!

Tapping into the growing independence and self-awareness of children in this age group, this class will encourage a deeper sense of body awareness, interpersonal skills and exploration of self in relation to the world. This class is a perfect after school activity to allow children to explore movement and art through yoga poses, partner work, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Lotus Yogis

Grades 6 - 8 

Mondays 3:00 - 4:00pm

Great afterschool activity!

Movement, thus yoga, is essential for preteen’s fast-growing bodies. Yoga provides this age group with essential life tools: fosters body awareness; gives them a sense of achievement and empowerment; helps them to discover themselves, bolsters self-belief; provides them with connections/relationships, communication and trust; boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence. This class is alive with cool upbeat music, partner and group poses, and creativity, ending with relaxation and massage.

Yoga teaches teens techniques and skills for coping with the unique issues teens often face – insecurity about their changing bodies, pressure to fit in while trying to establish their identity, and self-acceptance. This class will teach teens basic yoga postures and sequences that encourage a balance of strength and ease both inside and out. This co-ed class is appropriate for all levels!

Sun Salutation Teen Yoga

Grades 9 - 12


Happy Yogis

Yoga for differently-abled children grades K - 8

Limited Availability

This yoga class provides a safe and comfortable environment for children with autism, ADHD and varied abilities to engage in yoga poses, songs and games, and learn how to control their bodies, how to breathe, how to focus and how to relax.


Some classes will be based on the S.T.O.P. and Relax program, a yoga-based exercise and relaxation program for special needs.


Each program is developed according to the child’s needs and goals.

Interview and child assessment with Lyn required at least 2 days prior to class ($40 assessment fee). Email to receive questionnaire and to arrange an assessment time.


Family Yoga Registration