Winter 5-Day Detox:

Feel better, have more energy & look great

(without giving up real food!)

Now with **NEW** Winter Recipes!

With Anne Grier

Zoom Kick-Off: Thursday, February 4   7:15 - 8:15p 

Group Detox: February 8 - 12

PLUS a bonus 1-1 call with Anne during the detox

$99 ($20 OFF through 1/31)

Hopefully, your holiday season was merry and bright, but you also might have eaten more sugary treats (cookies + fun cocktails!) than you realize. As the year changes, you’re given a great opportunity to check-in and re-assess how you’re doing with your health goals.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Carrying excess weight around your belly

  • Experience sugar or salt cravings on a regular basis

  • Have skin blemishes and breakouts

  • Can’t think straight or feel like you have brain fog

  • Get the late afternoon energy slump

  • Wake up still feeling tired

  • Feel like you’ve lost your glow

  • Not sleeping well

If so, it might be time for a gentle whole foods detox! Even when we eat really clean foods, we’re exposed to toxins in our environment all the time, and those hitchhiking chemicals can really put a kink in our health goals!

The 5-Day Detox for Beginners is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve never detoxed before

  • You’ve detoxed before, but you’ve found that hardcore raw, vegan and juice cleanses don’t really work for you

  • You’re really busy and don’t have time for a longer detox program

  • You want a gentle but effective detox

  • You’re looking for a whole foods detox program

  • You want to clean out your system before the holidays hit

  • You ready to hit the re-set button on your eating habit

With the 5-Day Detox you'll get:

  • Dozens of recipes that are specially crafted to support your body’s natural detox processes

  • A live zoom call taught by me on everything you need to know to detox AND on how to transition out of the detox

  • A daily protocol with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when to do it

  • Daily emails for check-ins during the 5 days


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