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Yoga Therapy

What can yoga therapy do for you?

Yoga therapy integrates some of the oldest and most powerful teachings to bring you back into balance. You will learn techniques encompassing breath, movement and stillness to reduce stress in your mind and body. Begin to turn your symptoms of tension and discomfort into opportunities to reset and retrain with more ease for yourself. 


Some of the tools you will learn:


  • Explore your movement and compensation patterns to reduce pain in your body.

  • Assess and learn breathwork techniques for increasing energy and relaxation.

  • Learn techniques to slow down your over-thinking mind.

  • Develop skills to improve your body awareness.

  • Discover what your body signals are telling you.

Who is yoga therapy for?

  • If you are curious to explore how your body is moving and ready to try something different.

  • If you are feeling persistent tension or pain in your body and want to take steps to relieving it.

  • If you are looking to better understand how your mind and body work together. 

  • If you want to declutter your mind and move from a more reactive state into more of a responsive state in your everyday life.

Yoga Therapy Services
Free 20min
Yoga Therapy Consultation
Online with Jen

Begin your Yoga Therapy journey with a free 20min Yoga Therapy Consultation with Jen to assess your functional movement and compensations within your body. Before your session, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about your areas of concern. During your online session, we will do some simple body movements and discuss ways to adjust your practice to move with more ease.

Yoga at Home
Yoga Therapy
60 minute Private Session with Jen

Experience personalized sessions of yogic and functional movement designed just for you. Explore uplifting mind-body techniques to ease your symptoms and bring your body back into balance. Gain a valuable perspective on your health and learn practices and tools that you can integrate into your lifestyle to promote greater ease, self-awareness and clarity.

Please note: To book a session with Jen click the link to purchase a yoga therapy session and send an email to schedule.

Yoga Therapy Pricing

- Give the Gift of Yoga Therapy -

Yoga Therapy is by appointment only.

24-hour notice is required for cancellation so as to not incur the price of the session.

Please note: To book a session with Jen please purchase a yoga therapy session and send an email to schedule.

Yoga Therapy Pricing
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