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5 Element Acupuncture

The ancient tradition of acupuncture recognizes that a vital life force or energy flows through all living things. This energy is called Qi, and it runs in channels throughout the body, nourishing cells and tissues.  Acupuncture balances the flow of qi, draining qi from areas where it is stagnant or constrained and bringing more qi to areas that are deficient or empty.  In bringing balance to these areas, acupuncture can effectively help a wide range of disorders such as stress, fatigue, allergies, addictions, and women’s health issues, as well as many chronic illnesses.


Our acupuncturists’ primary training is in Five Element Acupuncture, a classical tradition that carries unique knowledge of the ways in which people develop physically, mentally and emotionally.  It treats the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, as symptoms are part of the body’s wisdom.  They are the call to travel beyond limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to the deep healing that leads to awareness of one’s true self.  Thus Five Element Acupuncture can assist with an even wider spectrum of issues including many emotional and mental disorders, the difficulties of life transitions, and the questions that may arise around one’s destiny or life path. 

All Acupuncture Appointments must be made by

calling 617-965-6440 or emailing us at 


24-hour notice is required for cancellation so as to not incur the price of the treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment Options

Traditional Diagnosis

Our initial visit is a long session (90 mins - 120 mins.) where we take a detailed medical and social history and then give the first treatment.  Our intakes are  thorough as well as kind and compassionate as we are creating a foundation that later treatments will build upon.

Regular Acupuncture Treatment

Our subsequent treatments generally last around an hour (but can be 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on life circumstance and what is being treated) and include time for clients to share what is happening in their life and any changes they may be experiencing from acupuncture treatment.

Give the Gift of Acupuncture
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