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Reiki is a form of energy healing.  It utilizes universal life force (Chi) to promote healing in the body, mind and spirit.  The energy used in Reiki is only for the greatest good.  


Reiki supports deep relaxation and we believe that this is where true healing begins.  It is an energy healing therapy offered at most major hospitals because it has been shown to aid in the healing process. With the increased stress and anxiety in our culture, Reiki has come to the forefront as an important and valuable way for people to receive healing and care for themselves.  Reiki can benefit your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health in powerful ways. Blue Lotus Healing Arts is dedicated to offering energy healing and support to others.  We offer individual sessions for energetic clearing and relaxation as well as ongoing work for people looking for support and guidance in addition to the energetic work. 

What does a session look like?  

You will lay clothed on a massage table and receive energy healing through light touch with hands held over your body.  The session includes time to discuss your experience.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length. 

Reiki services

Reiki Sessions

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Experience the healing power of a Reiki session, a gentle and non-invasive practice designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. During your initial appointment, we will begin with a thorough intake conversation to understand your specific needs, concerns, and goals. This personalized approach ensures that the Reiki session is tailored to your unique energy and provides the most beneficial experience possible, fostering deep emotional and physical healing

Reiki Session Pricing
$125 - Initial Reiki Session (75 mins)
$85 - Follow Up (60 mins)
Reiki services
Reiki Sessions with Regina
$145 - Initial Reiki Session (75 mins)
$135 - Follow Up (60 mins)

Elevate your healing journey with a Reiki Session with Regina Eustaquio. Regina has been a Reiki Master for almost 30 years, trained in traditional Usui and Karuna Reiki modalities. She offers a profoundly powerful and transformative experience, amplifing the flow of healing energy, providing deeper relaxation, heightened stress relief, and enhanced overall well-being. During your initial appointment, we will conduct a comprehensive intake conversation to fully understand your individual needs and intentions. This personalized assessment ensures that your session is customized to maximize the healing benefits, delivering a deeply immersive and rejuvenating experience.

Reiki Treatments are by appointment only.

24-hour notice is required for cancellation so as to not incur the price of the session.

Give the Gift of Healing

Package Pricing

Initial Session + 3 Follow-Ups                          $335

(members)                                                        ($325)

3 Follow-Ups                                                     $240

(members)                                                        ($230)

3 Follow Ups with Regina                                 $375

(members)                                                        ($365)

Need to Cancel?

Life gets busy! Sometimes we need to change things around. 


Cancel your appointment or class reservation online with these easy steps: 

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click on My Info > My Schedule.

  3. Locate the reservation you wish to cancel and click Cancel.

  4. Confirm the cancellation by clicking OK.


Note: If you do not see the option to cancel, please use the form HERE to email us.

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Appointments24-hour notice is required for cancellation so as to not incur the price of the session. If you need assistance with canceling your appointment, please contact us using the form found HERE.

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