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5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 


Orientation Oct 11
All-Day Online Retreat Nov 18
No class Nov 22


Register before Oct 6th $399
After Oct 6th $499

Calm Your Mind
Energize Your Body

Mindfulness-based Stress
Reduction Program
with Jen Anderson

About This Workshop:

You will learn mindfulness tools and techniques to approach your life with calmness, composure, and enthusiasm. This program meets you where you are at and no prior meditation experience is needed. With mindfulness, you will begin to develop the ability to manage stressful situations by responding rather than reacting to them and improve your level of focus and resiliency cultivating greater self-awareness and ease in your everyday living. This class meets for 2.5 hours each week plus a 1-day online retreat. ​ Based on ancient practices, MBSR is an integrative mind-body approach created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMASS Medical Center in 1979 and more than 25,000 people have completed this evidence-based training.

Worldwide Recognition

This MBSR program was featured on 60 Minutes. Watch the clip here!

About Jen Anderson:

Jen loves teaching and continuously learning about mindfulness and yoga. She loves yoga for the balance that it brings to her life and enjoys helping others explore and find their balance through movement and stillness. For Jen, being aware and feeling present helps her in creating an openness to possibilities that she hopes to share and help others learn, heal and grow together.   Jen’s experience includes over 20 years in the mindfulness space. Certified as an IAYT Yoga Therapist, 500 RYT/CYT with Yoga Alliance, Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Reiki Master, and Energy Healing Practitioner of various modalities. She is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and continuing her studies in mental health counseling. Jen also holds her MBA from Emory University and over 10 years of experience in strategy consulting with IBM Global Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers working with various clients all over the world.

Akasha Codes
Akasha Workshop (1).png


Choose one of the dates below:

Thurs Oct 5th: 12pm - 1pm
Wed Oct 11th: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sat Oct 15th: 5pm - 6pm 


Introduction to Akasha Codes Healing

with Pooja Mahtani

About This Workshop:

Group Akasha Codes Healing. Together, we will embark on a journey tapping into the wisdom of the Akashic Records. Creating a safe and sacred space, I will guide you through this experience of energetic exploration and growth. Our session will start with a bit of introduction to the Akashic Records and I will answer any questions you might have about this experience. We will begin with a grounding meditation, facilitating a connection with your inner self and setting intentions for the transformative journey ahead. Drawing upon my intuitive abilities and channeling, I access the Akashic Records, where the unique imprints of your energy and soul's journey reside. Throughout the session, I employ a diverse range of energetic techniques and tools, such as Intuitive Energy Healing, light language, and the activation of sacred symbols known as Akasha Codes. These powerful energy tools enable us to address and release energetic blocks, traumas, and imbalances. You may experience shifts, emotional release, and a profound sense of peace and clarity. My intention for this session is to bring clarity, balance, and alignment within your mind, body, and spirit. I hold a compassionate and supportive space, nurturing your healing journey at every step. I provide guidance, affirmations, and personalized tools for self-reflection, empowering you to sustain your growth beyond our session. This journey opens doors to a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Together, let us embark on this transformative adventure!

About Pooja Mahtani:

Pooja Mahtani is the Founder of Akasha Codes, LLC and possesses a diverse range of skills and expertise. Pooja is a Master Reiki Healer, Psychic-Medium, Akashic Records Practitioner & Teacher, Soul Activator, Life Coach, and Intuitive Energy Healer. Her unwavering dedication lies in assisting individuals in unlocking their true potential and leading fulfilling lives. Driven by her deep passion for serving others, Pooja is committed to being a guiding light for souls who are seeking to enhance their lives in profound and meaningful ways. With her intuitive abilities and vast knowledge, she strives to help her clients tap into their inner wisdom and achieve personal transformation. Pooja firmly believes in the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and uses her expertise to create a holistic approach to healing and growth. Whether you are in search of spiritual guidance, energy healing, or guidance in life or business matters, Pooja welcomes you with open arms. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with you, empowering you to reach your highest potential and live a life that is aligned with your soul's purpose.

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