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Workshops & Events

*Please note - If you are having trouble registering for a workshop through the Mindbody App, please open the registration links on this page in a browser to use Mindbody Online (not the app) to register. If you need assistance, please email:


Kabbalah Yoga Workshop

with Nissa Diantina

Sun Apr 21, 4:00 - 5:30pm

This interactive workshop will be a spiritual exploration through meditation and movement based on the wisdom of two ancient and beautiful cultures. Learn the basic notions of Kabbalah and ancient Jewish mysticism. Explore the connection between the Sephirot in Kabbalah and its connection to the Chakras. Discover how it all relates back to the Yoga Asanas and Hebrew chants. Open to all who seek a deeper connection to yoga, to their community and to themselves. No previous knowledge of yoga nor Kabbalah is needed.


Empower Your Future

Through Ancient Yogic Teachings
with Noelia Kvaternik

Sun Apr 27, 4:00 - 6:00pm

* Early bird pricing: $39 through Apr 9th!

Join Noelia in this workshop to uncover your blocks and create your future self. The goal of this workshop is to bring to light the ways we self sabotage and hold ourselves back from living our authentic self. During this workshop, we use the yogic teachings of Svadhyaya, or self study, to illuminate our shadows so that they can be witnessed and processed. We’ll begin with an all levels flow to get into our body, release stored emotions, and settle our mind, allowing for our innate knowing and truth to arise when prompted with contemplative and self inquiry questions. The workshop will conclude with a powerful Himalayan breath meditation Kriya to create and empower your future self. ***Bring a journal or notebook.

Chakra Yoga Workshop.png

Chakra Yoga Workshop

with Lauren Tutuny

Sat May 4, 1:00 - 2:30pm
 and Bring a Friend for Free!

This explorative workshop dives deep into the physical asanas while cultivating attuned awareness about the subtle energy layers of the body. Learn the history of the 7 Chakras from its Hindu origins of the sacred Veda texts, to how they have expanded to modern day practices of balancing the Chakra systems. Mix science and spirituality to understand the physiological affects of the chakras and how to soothe your body on any given day. You will check in with your energy centers in this group setting. Leave with a sense of balance within your mind, body, and spirit. This sensory experience will tap into your senses of sight, taste, smell, sense, touch and proprioception to navigate what you need to feel your best. Bring your yoga mat and a buddy!


Yoga Fundraiser

In Recognition of Fentynol Awareness Day and Supporting the Becca Schmill Foundation

with Susan Shaver

Thurs May 9, 7 - 8pm

This gentle yoga class is a special fundraiser to support the Becca Schmil Foundation and their work to safeguard the emotional well-being of teens and young adults. Yoga for healing & relaxation. Whether you are new to yoga, an experienced practitioner or a competitive athlete, this is a great class for you! All proceeds for this class will be donationed to the Becca Schmill Foundation. Class Description: This gentle yoga class will be led by Susan Shaver offering a place for reflection, release, and rejuvenation. The 60 minute class will start with a few moments of stillness followed by gentle stretching and movement, resulting in full-body relaxation. The practice concludes with 5-10 minutes of relaxation.

8 limbs
8 Limbs wkshop (1).png

8 Steps to a More Meaningful Life

8 Limbs of Yoga Workshop with Nicole Fritter

Sun May 19, 4:00 - 5:30pm

Yoga is more than the poses and this is the perfect workshop to embrace different ways to live your yoga in an integrative, meaningful way. Mindfully experience all of the eight limbs of yoga, the philosophical foundation of yoga, in a 1 hour asana practice followed by a guided meditation. There will be an opportunity for an interactive exchange at the end of the workshop paired with a take home worksheet for further personal exploration and integration.

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