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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient technique used by indigenous healers all over the world.  We offer informational journeys, soul retrievals, element retrievals, and space clearings for homes and businesses.


Clients seek these services when more conventional therapies have failed to answer their questions or sufficiently address their suffering.  For example, people who feel lost or stuck in their lives may request an informational journey to provide answers to the inertia they are experiencing in their lives.  For people who have experienced abuse or trauma and have been unable to fully recover, a soul retrieval, an ancient and world wide practice to help a person regain wholeness, may be recommended.


Another frequently requested service is a space clearing which is an energetic, rather than physical cleaning of a space to restore the free flow of energy.   This can bring in many positive qualities such as prosperity and harmony in a family or excellent morale within an office. 


Shamanic healing is also frequently used as an adjunct to acupuncture treatment for patients at Blue Lotus Healing Arts.

Shamanic Healing Pricing

Energy Healing Pricing





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