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Creating Your Perfect Home Yoga Practice

By Grace Steele, 200RYT

These days, our homes have become the center of our universe and we’re using them in ways that we never have before - an office, classroom, gym, even a yoga studio. Here are some tips for creating a tranquil yoga space in your home this winter:

Find a private area with enough space to move around.

Your yoga practice is the one part of your day when you can truly step away from all of the chaos going on around you right now. Even if you’re still at home, try to find a space to roll out your mat that allows for privacy and as much separation from any distractions as possible. Also make sure that you have enough room to move around so that you don’t feel restricted in how much space you can take up and which poses you can do. If private space is hard to come by in your home, think about using wireless headphones to connect to the online class so that it’s a little easier to tune out any outside distractions.

Make your space as comfortable and “zen” as possible.

Think about dimming the lights and putting on a soothing playlist to create a more relaxing environment for your practice. If you have essential oils at home, place them in a diffuser or simply put a drop on your wrist to bring in some aromatherapy to your practice. You could also use candles if you prefer! Also try dressing in layers for your online yoga class. You might build up some heat in the body as you move faster throughout class but you also might want a sweatshirt and socks nearby for savasana, or if you’re taking a more restorative style class where you’ll be spending more time in stillness.

Make sure you have props handy.

Props are helpful regardless of the type of yoga class you’re taking. If you don’t own traditional yoga props right now, it’s worth spending some time gathering items around your home that can be used as wonderful substitutes to make your practice more comfortable and accessible. Check out Ashley’s recent blog post on tips for yoga prop alternatives at home.

Don’t be afraid to turn your camera off if this is the best choice for you.

Although teachers love when their students feel comfortable leaving their cameras on throughout the class so that we can check on alignment and make sure students are following cues, the most important thing is that you feel most comfortable. If turning your camera off helps you best tune in to your own body and breath, by all means please make this choice!

Let go of any small hiccups or distractions you might face during your home practice.

Let’s face it: it can be hard to practice yoga at home. You might be interrupted by your family, a dog barking in your neighborhood, or your phone ringing during your sacred yoga time. It’s ok if your home practice isn’t perfect. Any time spent on your mat is better than no time at all. If you’re having a really hard time taking the live online classes without distractions, consider reaching out to request the class recording instead (which can be viewed for up to 3 days after the live class) so that you can take it in chunks or find a time that works better for you.

I invite you to try some of these tips the next time you roll out your mat at home and I hope to see many of you in the virtual studio soon!



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